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Who and what we are…

‘The Beam’ is a collaborative project geared towards fans of professional sports teams in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Calling the ‘Burgh home, a group of natives and die-hard fans outside of the ‘home state’ have put their cunning minds, internet savvy and other talents together to provide a fan site that is both entertaining, fun and which contains original writing and photography.

We feel ‘The Beam’ is unlike many other “fan sites” and blogs because we aren’t trying to compete with them – in fact, we love the collaboration.  We’ve simply combined different features in order to give our friends and fellow fans an online home that offers more than just updates on our favorite Pittsburgh teams.  We want to engage with you, and encourage you to engage with us and fellow fans through our site.

We support ALL of the professional sports teams (and even the minor ones) in Pittsburgh.  We are not only sports fans – we’re fans of the city!  So, welcome!

Why ‘The Beam’

Arthur J. Rooney (‘The Chief’) believed in the hard-working people of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.  When he re-named his football team from the Pirates to the Steelers, it was a representation of what many at the time did – deliver top quality steel to the rest of the world.  They worked hard and they played hard.

Pittsburgh Steel is synonymous with tenacity, toughness and the grit of people that knew what it took to make our country great.  We pay homage to them by taking on the name ‘The Beam’ because steel beams, made in those mills, helped build America…and still do.  Not to mention the fact that we find it hard to imagine the Pirates to ask anyone to walk a plank when a steel beam seems to be much better suited for their rivals.  Steely McBeam became our hero along with all the sports greats who have been a part of Pittsburgh’s history.

While the city of Pittsburgh has advanced into a white-collar technological and medical center in the United States, we honor the past and the present and our hearts will always firmly remain there.  We also honor the Rooney family and the contributions they have made to one of the greatest cities in the world.

We have partnered with If It Ain’t Steel by Jason Robinson and Jayden Matthews for Steelers News on our site as well as on our Facebook page.

Other Partners:

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